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Melvin G. Spinks, PE, CFM
Mr. Spinks has over 27 years of professional experience in project management and engineering for water resources and civil engineering projects. He has managed over 250 water resources engineering projects throughout Texas and the United States. His specialized expertise in water resources engineering includes hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood insurance studies, map revision requests, master drainage planning, bridge scour analysis, detention basin design, storm drainage design, water quality modeling, and storm water pollution prevention plans (SW3P).

Mr. Spinks also has extensive professional experience in the design of civil and transportation engineering projects including roadway/highway design, transit and parking facilities, bikeway facilities, drainage facilities, and utilities (water, sewer, drainage, etc).


Darrell L. Kaderka, PE
Vice President
Mr. Kaderka is the Director of the Structural, Transportation, and Drainage Division at CivilTech Engineering and has over 26 years of professional design experience. His professional experience includes the design of roadways and highways, transit and parking facilities, pedestrian and bikeway facilities and bridge structures for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Mr. Kaderka also has specialized design experience with site and roadway drainage, drainage channels, flood control related structures, minor and major utility relocations, retaining walls, concrete and steel frame commercial buildings, and multi-story post-tensioned parking garages.


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