Land Development


CivilTech staff provides a full spectrum of services to clients in all areas of residential, commercial and mixed-use development. This includes everything from small-scale neighborhoods to large, mixed-use developments inclusive of residential, retail, hospitality, commercial, and recreational features.

CivilTech develops feasibility studies, creates special purpose districts (ie: MUDs), provides permitting, develops master planning, provides storm sewer design, engineers detention/channel design, provides preliminary/final platting, coordinates with applicable agencies, and provides construction phase services.

Our services include:

Development Feasibility Studies
• Construction Phase Services Development Feasibility Studies
• Creation of Special Purpose Districts such as MUDs.
• Master Drainage Plans
• Storm Sewer System Design
• Detention and Channel Design
• Preliminary and Final Platting Agency Coordination  
• Coordination with State, County and Municipal Agencies
• Coordination with Project Land Planner and in House Planning
• Construction Phase Services

Turn Key Services with our Partners Utility Master Planning
• Surveying Services
• Water Distribution and Treatment Plant Design
• Wastewater Collection & Treatment Plant Design
• Traffic Impact Analysis
• Traffic Signal Design
• Boundary and Right-of-Way Mapping


Larry Goldberg’s three decades of experience have centered around public infrastructure for residential and commercial developments. Expertise includes engineering for drainage systems, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment plans, roadway design and traffic studies.